model sj

Model SJ

For those who love robust tone (as well as a good oxymoron) we offer the Small Jumbo. At nearly 16" wide, this is our biggest guitar— with a sound to match. Slightly larger than a dreadnought, but rounder and more handsome. This design works quite well with 12, 13 or 14 fret necks. Also, it is the body we use for our Fan-Fret Baritone and Acoustic Bass Guitar, both benefitting from the larger body size.

Dimensions: 15 15/16" lower bout, 20" body length, 4 3/4" depth, 40 5/8" total length

back of model sj
“It’s an incredible instrument. I keep playing more expensive guitars that don’t sound as good.
Since I got it, I haven’t played a guitar (out of at least a hundred) that I’d rather play. I’m playing it regularly (acoustically) in a four-piece, with an acoustic flute, acoustic 12-string, and electric solidbody, using my thumb pick and three fingertips, and they ask ME not to play so loudly.”
John Dunn