Stay Gold Guitars

A new custom and vintage guitar shop in the lovely town of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Miami Guitars

A hip store in the heart of South Florida specializing in high end factory and custom guitars.

The Acoustic Music Co.

The best collection of North American luthiers in Great Britain. We are pleased to be represented in Trevor's unique shop!

In the News

Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival

Memphis Guitar Festival logo
Kinnaird Guitars had the pleasure of displaying at the inaugural Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival in 2015.

Guitar Bench Interview

We were selected by Terence Tan to do a builder’s interview for his website Guitar Bench. Read our conversation here.

Texas Highways Magazine

We were honored to be among six Texas luthiers interviewed for the state's travel / tourism magazine. Read the article, and see the shop cat here.

Healdsburg Guitar Festival

Kinnaird Guitars displayed several times at the prestigious Healdsburg Guitar Festival.

Fellow Builders of Interest

Kinnaird Guitars East

My brother John is an excellent builder who is a constant inspiration to me. John lives in the hills of North Carolina.

Lame Horse, Jenkins and Son Instruments

Chris Jenkins lives and works in the DFW area. A great guy who builds a smaller-bodied guitar.

Chuck Lee Banjo Company

Chuck Lee, another good friend from the Dallas area, builds some of the coolest old-time banjos you'll ever see.

Petros Guitars

Bruce Petros and his son Matt build guitars near Green Bay, Wisc. Bruce is perhaps the most clever guitar builder I've ever met.

Craig Lavin Custom Inlay

Craig Lavin does inlay work that staggers the imagination. A true artist.

Sources of Supply

Australian Tonewoods

Tim Spittle showcases some of the most interesting woods on the planet. Peruse his site for what's available ‘down under’.

RC Tonewood and Sons

‘Uncle Bob’ Cefalu has a vast assortment of rare and unusual species for guitar building, as well as the more traditional woods. A visit to his site always proves to be absorbing.

Allied Lutherie

Todd Taggart, one of the first names in the lutherie supply industry. Todd is the man who has “been there, done that”. If anyone has his finger on the pulse of the market, it's Todd.

LMI, Luthiers Mercantile International

Luthier’s Mercantile. One-stop shopping for all things necessary in instrument construction.

Stewart MacDonald

Stewart MacDonald is the source for lutherie tools. Their specialty is the repair side of the craft.

Lutherie Organizations

Luthiers Forum

The ‘OLF’ is a great forum of friendly folks chatting about stringed instruments.

Australian/New Zealand Luthiers Forum

Another guitar builders web forum, with a down under perspective.

LINT, Luthiers Interactive of North Texas

LINT is a group of builders primarily in the North Texas area. Bi-monthly meetings are held for fellowship and encouragement, and once a year a Master's class is offered.

Guild of American Luthiers

The Guild of American Luthiers is the first, and still the best, organization dedicated to the dissemination of lutherie information.

Acoustic Guitar

A monthly magazine as well as an informative site devoted solely to the acoustic guitar.


Stroup Images Web Design

Lori Stroup is not only an excellent web site designer, but an artist in her own right. You'll find it a pleasure to work with her.

Jeff Abt

Jeff Abt, a close friend from college days, has taken a number of the photographs you see on the site. He has the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet.

Creative Photography

Clay Bostian has helped me tremendously with his photographic skill. Since he plays guitar, he knows how to capture the beauties of the instrument.

Jason Harrod

Jason Harrod is one our favorite artists to listen to in the shop. We had the honor of having him perform on Kinnaird Guitars at the Healdsburg Festival.

Christie Cook

Christie Cook is a singer and songwriter from the Nacogdoches area. Her music is inspiring, as she writes from a Christian perspective. Also a good guitarist, it was a pleasure building her a custom instrument.