model om

Model OM

We became intrigued by this historic model when a pre-war Martin came through our shop. Originally designed to be heard in an orchestra, the punch and snap were undeniable. However, today the OM is chiefly loved for its note-to-note balance. We offer the OM in the standard dimensions, and also in a deep body version for increased bass response.

Dimensions: 15" lower bout, 19 1/4" body length, 4 1/8" depth, 39 7/8" total length

back of model om
“This is the perfect combination of woods and appointments. I call it the Moonlit Rose. This guitar was built by Tone Masters that happen to be Wood Masters also. Every time I play it, the experience leaves me wanting to play more! This could be the only guitar a fellow really needs…but I want ANOTHER Kinnaird!! Thanks guys! ”
Danny Brevard