model fs

Model FS

Our fingerstyle model. This instrument is the result of a collaboration with guitarist Bob Tucker. Bob wanted a guitar that would do it all: one that would not break up when driven hard, yet respond readily to the lightest touch. We stretched a 000-shaped body, and paired that with a 12-fret neck. The result was so successful the FS has been offered ever since. It easily made its way into the regular lineup.

Dimensions: 15 5/8" lower bout, 19 3/4" body length, 4 3/8" depth, 39" total length

model fs
“This is not just a nice guitar — it is a GREAT guitar. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to know a guitar is a keeper within the first 5 minutes. To my ear and playing style, I couldn’t have specified a better fit. I love the tone — trebles are nice and crisp, the mids are nice and strong, and the bass is perfect. When fingerpicking, I’m amazed at the fullness, but at the same time you can clearly hear each note — especially in the mids. Don’t know if I have another guitar where this is so noticeable. Besides that, it’s drop dead gorgeous.”
Michael McKee